Whether you realise it yet or not, you have an amazing gift to offer the world. The gift of you. No one else can do "you" like you can and when you stop getting caught up in your thinking about what you should be and just be who you are - there'll be no end to your potential to connect and create.

That's because amazing stuff happens when you allow others to experience the real you and when you show up as the person you were created to be. It can be the catalyst for what many of us long for in life:

If you want any - or all of those in your life - you are in the right place. Naked Hedgehogs is a community where we can discover together what it means to live, love and lead authentically (without the prickles). Welcome. 

Sarah Abell - Founder of Naked Hedgehogs

Sarah Abell - Founder of Naked Hedgehogs

Why the Naked Hedgehog?

The Hedgehog’s Dilemma holds the key to genuine, deep and authentic relationships. 

Most of us want to experience safe and intimate connections but we also want to protect ourselves from being hurt. The trouble is… it’s hard to be authentic if you are valuing protection over connection. 

If you want to be real – you need to take off your prickly coat and dare to bare who you are on the inside. 

To find out if the Hedgehog’s Dilemma is keeping your relationships a bit chilly or prickly, please click here.

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