Be Fab Bristol invite you to their NEW 'Bubbles and Boldness' event.

  • Would you love to feel and experience more confidence in all areas of your life?
  • Do you wish you could feel more courageous about connecting with anyone?
  • Would you like to dress in a way that makes you feel happier and more confident about the way you look?
  • Do you long to replace stress and over-thinking with a greater sense of calmness, clarity and joy?
  • Would you love to make a great first impression with everyone you meet?

YES? Perfect! In which case the BE FABULOUS - 'Bubbles and Boldness' evening event in Bristol on Thursday, 22nd October has been designed with you in mind.

It will be an opportunity to relax, be inspired and to focus on YOU. That might sound self-indulgent or a rare luxury but the truth is that your confidence, your connections and your well-being are dependent on your own thinking about you… yes, YOU.

In other words, YOU hold the keys to your own confidence and fabulousness and this evening will help you uncover them.

What to expect:

We’ll kick off the evening at 7.00 pm with a glass of bubbles and some wonderful live music. You’ll be supporting Penny Brohn Cancer Care as you kick back, listen and learn.

Enjoy three interactive talks from our experts who will share from their wealth of experience on how you can become even more FABULOUS and confident both inside and out.

Meet and share with other amazing women over a hot drink and a gorgeous piece of cake. We promise that we’ll be finished by 9.45 pm at the latest!

Our FABULOUS experts:

Karen Lowe is an award-winning Image Consultant and Personal Stylist. Her passion is helping women look and feel amazing as they discover their unique style. She is a regular contributor to local media and has helped women of all shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds gain confidence in the way they look by showing them how to dress stylishly and effortlessly. Karen will explain how you can dress with greater confidence and style and have heaps of fun in the process. Discover more at


Alex Bollag has been involved in the cutting edge of movement education for over twenty years.  As a certified ITM Alexander Technique Teacher she works with people from all walks of life from professional performers and public speakers to athletes, knitters and office workers. She helps people remove the stress and strain from their everyday activities and increase their enjoyment, confidence, productivity and creativity. Alex will dispel some of the myths about confidence and will help you to discover ways to show up with boldness.
Find out more at

Sarah Abell has been writing, speaking and coaching on authentic relationships for over fifteen years. She was the Agony Aunt for the Daily Telegraph and is the author of Inside out - How to have authentic relationships with everyone in your life (Hodder 2011). A columnist for Psychologies magazine she has given two TEDx talks on authentic connections and founded as her passion is seeing people, live, love and lead authentically. Sarah will look at how you can confidently connect with anyone in your life by being bold, being brave and being yourself. You can learn more at


Our FABULOUS music:

On arrival you will enjoy the bittersweet melodies and haunting lyrics of singer/songwriter David Paoli who performs as "Northern Medicine". As a special treat David will be debuting new tracks exclusively at this event. You can also hear "Northern Medicine" debut EP "Visitation" on iTunes or Spotify

Our FABULOUS venue:

The Foyer, Woodlands Church Clifton, on the corner of Belgrave Road and Woodland Road, Bristol, BS8 2AB


Take advantage of our FABULOUS Early Bird offer and SAVE 25%

Early Bird Ticket applies to the first 20 tickets booked by September 30th.

Our FABULOUS charity:

We are delighted to be supporting the amazing charity Penny Brohn Cancer Care by giving them 10% of our proceeds.

Every day 72 people in the Bristol area will be diagnosed with cancer.  Penny Brohn Cancer Care wants to be there for each and every one of them, every step of the way.

From their centre in Pill they help people to live well with the impact of cancer and improve their quality of life. For more information see

Our FABULOUS sponsors:

We are so grateful for the generosity of our wonderful sponsors who are helping to make this event possible and even more gorgeous than it would have been without them. Their generosity has allowed us to provide a gift bag that we will be giving away to every person attending the event.

Thank you to SHC Social Media for helping us to spread the word with a truly fabulous bespoke social media campaign.

SHC Social Media provides training, management & consultancy services for small to medium businesses.

All clients have a bespoke social media package designed to suit their needs.

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This is Truly Nourished. We love their food and thank them for their support.

Take advantage of our FABULOUS Early Bird offer and SAVE 25%

Early Bird Ticket applies to the first 20 tickets booked by September 30th.