Happy anniversary!

It is the Naked Hedgehogs’ first anniversary this month and to celebrate this occasion, the ‘Naked Hedgeblog’ will soon become a more regular occurrence.

Every Wednesday, we will send an email designed to inspire, challenge and encourage you to live life in a more authentic and undefended (less spiky!) way. It will include fresh insight and practical tools for living an authentic life or a "Question and Answer session" on different topics (picked by a fellow Naked Hedgehog). To receive these emails, all you need do is take the Naked Hedgehog Test for FREE and find out just how authentic you really are.

This past year
Over the last 12 months we have run the online Naked Hedgehog Bootcamp three times and have had some amazing people on the course. It has been such a privilege to build connections with them and to see the impact that the course has had on their lives and relationships.

Here are a few of the comments that we have received:

“I am quite astonished at how quickly I have seen an impact in my relationships. The Naked Hedgehogs' Bootcamp has given me FOCUS to keep relationships at the forefront of my mind in my day-to-day life. It has also given me COURAGE to share more of myself and go deeper.”
“I’m so pleased I challenged myself to jump in because now I can see this course having really long term benefits.”
“Just a huge thank you for teaching me new ideas and giving me tools that I can use in my relationships. I think that the Naked Hedgehogs' Bootcamp will have a long lasting impact in my life.”

However, we have also been listening to the feedback that we received and many people felt that there was just too much 'good stuff' to cover during the 30 days. For those who struggled to keep up it sometimes felt a bit overwhelming. We have also had many others write to ask if we had a 'pre-Bootcamp' course, so that they could 'test the waters' before plunging in.

Kick-Starter and Bootcamp
In response to this, we are have created two programmes for this Autumn. We will be offering a 10 day Kick-Starter programme followed by the more in-depth “60 Days to Authenticity” Bootcamp (more on this to follow). The Kick-Starter acts as both a one-off resource and a foundational stepping stone towards the Bootcamp.

We will be officially launching the Kick-Starter at the start of September, with the new 60 day Bootcamp starting in October. When the Kick-Starter finally launches (and you book before the 9th of September 2015) we are offering fellow Naked Hedgehogs 15% off the final price. Just remember to use the code EARLYBIRD at the checkout when you do.

Until tomorrow (and the start of a new adventure!)