How to have great arguments in 5 simple ways

David and I had been married nearly two years before we had our first argument. That might sound impressive but really it was quite the opposite. My problem was that I struggled to express negative emotions and I feared arguments whilst David walked on eggshells trying not to upset me. It wasn’t a healthy state of affairs.

Whether it comes a day, a month or a year into any relationship – the first argument can be unsettling. I can’t even remember what ours was about but I do know it was something very trivial regarding D.I.Y and I do recall David looking a bit surprised as I shouted at him whilst running crying down the stairs.

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Naked Hedgehogs' guide to having a good argument

When did you last have an argument? Today, this week, this year or this decade? When you are provoked do you shout about it or run for the duvet? Do you tend to get it all out in the open and say it as it is or do you keep your feelings to yourself ? Do you hate to leave problems unresolved or do you do everything to keep the peace? Do you end up regretting what you said or that you didn’t speak up?

For years I avoided arguments wherever possible, but eventually I learnt that it wasn’t such a great idea.

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