Is admitting to loneliness the last taboo?

It certainly feels so to me. There are plenty of things I freely admit to but somehow confessing that there are times when I feel lonely feels so much harder for some reason.

Maybe that is because I somehow think I 'shouldn't' feel lonely or I ‘ought’ not to feel lonely. After all, I have a wide circle of friends, a loving husband and a son who is still young enough to want to hang out with his mother. I often tell myself that I have no right to feel lonely... and yet there are times when I most definitely do.

What I have come to understand is that loneliness isn’t about the quantity or even the quality of relationships we have. It is subjective. It is caused by feeling emotionally or socially disconnected from those around us and that can happen to any of us.
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Q&A (1) : I hate small talk!

Dear Naked Hedgehog,

I hate small talk. I really do. But I realise it is a necessary evil. How can I build connection, be authentic and not feel like I am just wasting my time and energy talking about the weather, TV programmes or how quickly the traffic is or isn’t moving today?



Dear Nicky,

To build authentic connections we need to both take risks and establish trust. In different relationships we will need to do both to varying levels but all relationships need to start somewhere.

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