Q&A (2) : How can I disconnect to connect?

Dear Sarah,

I work for myself and I have to regularly keep on top of emails and my social media so that I don’t miss anything and can react quickly. I have a husband and a seven-year old daughter and I am aware that they don’t always get the best of me in the evenings as I have one-eye on my various devices especially when I hear a ping. This week my daughter asked why I am always on the phone and sulked when I put off playing a game with her. Maybe she had a point but how can I find a better balance whilst still keeping my business going?


Dear Kate
I relate to your scenario. It is hard. People, whether friends or clients, can often expect us to be available to them 24/7 and yet our loved ones also need our focused attention, certainly at least some of the time! The problem I find, and it sounds like you find it too, is that if you try to be everything to everybody, it just doesn’t work and no one is satisfied.

So what is the answer?

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