Q&A (6) : How to make that exciting move to the city

Dear Sarah,

I am 25 and have recently moved to London for work. I come from a relatively small community in the North of England and I am finding the transition very difficult. I am living in a small studio flat on my own and my job as a trainee solicitor involves me working long hours.

I am finding my new existence very lonely. I didn’t know anyone in the city before I arrived and although my colleagues at work are nice enough, they don’t seem to socialise with each other. I haven’t met any neighbours apart from a couple upstairs with a noisy baby but they always seem too tired or stressed to stop to talk.

I really miss my friends and family. My plan is to go back once every two months for a weekend and I spend a lot of my free time calling, texting and messaging everyone on Facebook but it isn’t the same.

Any advice on how I can improve things (or whether I should just throw in the towel) would be welcome.

Thanks, Emily

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