Q&A (3) : How can I be authentic when work gets stressful?

Dear Sarah,

I have a question about leading authentically.

I manage three services within children's services, although my job description states I'm only employed to manage one. This is the result of pressures of a culture in which more for less is the norm.  I'm committed to doing a safe, thorough job, but feel increasingly resentful at the pressures placed on me.

I would love to know your thoughts on how to lead authentically, whilst managing staff and picking up issues that are stressful to manage?

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10 ways to connect authentically at work

Whether your work relationships are good, bad, or downright ugly, there’s always room for improvement.

Most of us spend more of our time relating to people at work than with anyone else in our lives including our loved ones.  Healthy, inspiring and strong relationships with our colleagues can make even the most tedious job seem more interesting. On the other hand, difficult, draining and tricky relationships can cause us to dread going to work even when we have a dream job.

So, whether you are the boss or a team member how can you make sure that your work relationships are as good as they can be?

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