Inside Out

If you want to have genuine, meaningful relationships with everyone in your life, then INSIDE OUT is the book for you.

Full of practical advice, it will show you how to invest in authentic relationships one of the most rewarding adventures we can ever undertake.

This book is for you if:

  • You’d like to strengthen your friendships.
  • You are ready to tackle relationship struggles.
  • You’d like to spend more time with loved ones.
  • You want to express your emotions more easily.
  • You would like to understand others better.

All you need is love and a bit of help from Sarah Abell.
— Oliver James, Psychologist and Author
A brilliantly accessible guide to giving yourself a DIY relationships MOT and overhaul. Everyone will find it invaluable because it will help resolve that tricky situation at work or with the in-laws as well getting it right with the significant other.
— Deidre Sanders, Problem-page Editor of The Sun.
Inside Out really encourages you to explore your own experiences and how you relate to those you love, your family, your friends and to those around you. It opens up the potential for deeper and more fulfilling relationships.
— Zelda West-Meads, Agony Aunt, You Magazine, The Mail on Sunday
I simply can’t imagine anybody not being helped by Sarah Abell’s book. It’s straightforward approach to relationships leads to the heart of respect, friendship and love.
— Bel Mooney, Agony Aunt, The Daily Mail
In this wonderfully practical and insightful book, Sarah Abell shows you how to go from surviving in your relationships with others to really thriving. A must-read for anyone who wants to know how to have a satisfying and nourishing connection with everyone in their life - including themselves!
— Emma Marlin, Agony Aunt, Woman's Own
Love - whether that’s for intimate partners, friends, family or colleagues - is rarely straightforward. So it’s a delight to find a book that tackles the issues straightforwardly, comprehensively and usefully. Sarah Abell’s approach to relationships is informed, pragmatic and above all it works.
— Susan Quilliam, Relationship psychologist and Agony Aunt
This is an accessible, honest and immensely practical book which will help you ask the question we all need to face but seldom want to – are my relationships as good as they could be? Sarah Abell is a bright, engaging writer whose particular skill is presenting deep and at times uncomfortable questions in a way that is not intimidating or guilt inducing.
— Ruth Dickinson, Editor, Christianity Magazine.
I’d give this book to clients and readers, to friends and family. Sarah has insight, astuteness and wisdom but above all she has the skill to help readers understand their relationships, and to make change seem do-able, whatever your age, gender or situation.
— Suzie Hayman, Agony Aunt, Woman Magazine
Sarah Abell’s passion to help people, young or older, single or married, to build lasting relationships shines through her book. Through revealing how she has learnt to make deep friendships in her own life, Sarah’s honesty and practical advice will help many others to do the same.
— Nicky and Sila Lee, authors of The Marriage Book
Sarah Abell’s own authenticity runs through her book making it both an interesting and very accessible read. The exercises are easy to do although certainly raise some uncomfortable issues which Sarah then explains and helps the reader put in perspective. The honesty about her own life makes it feel very real. You know that she has struggled with the same issues as the rest of us and is able to offer some excellent practical tips.
— Keren Smedley, Agony Aunt, Woman’s Weekly
What really matters in life? Relationships - stupid! It is obvious but surprisingly we don’t usually acknowledge it. With style, creativity and intelligence Sarah Abell gets us to think about how we can improve this most important part of our lives. Reading her book was challenging and inspiring. Must do better and she suggests how.
— Kay Dunbar. Festival Director, Way With Words.
Inside Out offers hope to anyone who has ever wished for stronger friendships, deeper relationships – and to be a better person.
— Rob Parsons – Author and Founder of Care for the Family
This book sets out a really clear system for reviewing your relationships and becoming the friend you have always wanted. Sarah Abell writes with a gentle and engaging touch, from a position of someone who has great experience in working with others.
— Duncan Fisher OBE, Author of ‘Baby’s Here! Who Does What?’
The strongest, and most helpful book on relationships available today. Fresh, gifted and vulnerable in its brilliance!
— Christian Marketplace Magazine
Amongst the fractures of life, Sarah Abell’s wisdom reintegrates, helping us and our communities to become that little bit more whole.
— Simon P Walker, Founder of The Leadership Community
Sarah’s wise and practical book sweeps aside the mystique that can make relationships seem impossibly complicated. They don’t have to be.
— Harry Benson, Author of ‘Let’s stick together’
I love this book. Deep connection to those around us is what makes life worth living. Sarah Abell explains how to make that connection.
— Suzy Greaves, editor of Psychologies magazine