The Naked Hedgehogs’ "60 days to authenticity" Bootcamp is the perfect follow on to the Kick-Starter. If you’ve completed the Kick Starter you will have already identified some of the changes you want to make in your life and relationships and hopefully you will have already started to implement some of those changes.

The "60 days to authenticity" Bootcamp is about putting your changes into practice, forming new habits and creating a safe place to try them out. The feedback from our previous Bootcamp was that people wanted longer to really digest all the great stuff and have some more time to work on the challenges. We listened and have updated the course and structured the content so that it is more achievable to work through.

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The newly improved Bootcamp includes weekly teaching modules, questions for reflection, practical challenges and a supportive closed community.

We’ll go into topics in greater depth than the Kick-Starter and this time you’ll have the support and encouragement of our online coaches and the others in the Naked Hedgehog community. It can be hard to make changes on your own and this way you don’t have to. You’ll have others to support you and to challenge you if and when needed.

I have LOVED this Bootcamp! It has been really life giving having the daily reflections and challenges. The community we built felt so safe and I felt like I got to know the regulars who shared so openly.”

”Sarah, you gently pushed us in the right direction with your skillful questioning whilst encouraging and supporting us all the way.”

”I am quite astonished at how quickly I have seen an impact in my relationships. Bootcamp has given me FOCUS to keep relationships at the forefront of my mind in my day to day life. It has also given me COURAGE to share more of myself and go deeper.
— Previous participants of the Naked Hedehog's Bootcamp

One of the most amazing things about the Bootcamp is the group dynamic, seeing how we all learn from and help each other and how one person’s challenge or celebration can encourage the rest of us to keep on going.

On the "60 days to authenticity" Bootcamp you’ll explore what it really means to stop striving or pretending and instead become more of the person you were created to be.

The course is a great investment so if you are ready to jump in and discover how to become a Naked Hedgehogwe would love to have you join us. Also, if you want to benefit from some 1-2-1 coaching as you complete the modulesthen why not upgrade to the Golden Ticket? You will have a unique opportunity to receive some personalised coaching as you complete the Bootcamp.

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The Bootcamp will also include all of the following:

  • Weekly in-depth teaching modules with inbox reminders
  • Questions for personal reflection
  • A closed community forum for discussion and support
  • Feedback from expert relationships coaches Sarah and David Abell
  • A weekly challenge
  • Bonus webinars and expert interviews
  • Lifetime access to the material
  • You will need approx 30 minutes a day to devote to the course
  • BONUS: Bootcamp participants get discounts on all coaching packages and future teaching materials

Topics to be covered in the Bootcamp will include:

  • Valuing connection over protection
  • Growing in confidence and authenticity
  • Understanding your impact
  • Building connection with anybody in your life
  • Reducing stress and operating from greater clarity
  • Investing your time and effort where it counts
  • Dealing with tricky situations with ease
  • Finding and keeping a love that lasts
  • Discovering the power of 'no'
  • Saying what you mean and meaning what you say
  • Living the life you've always wanted
  • Becoming a leader worth following
  • Deepening friendships and other close relationships

If you haven’t done the Kick Starter then that is the place to start before doing the Bootcamp - Do check it out today.