This promises to be a day of pure fabulousness where you will be given an opportunity to press the ‘pause’ button and take time out to focus on YOU - both from the inside and out.

During the day you'll get to enjoy a mixture of group coaching, discussion times and hands-on workshops. from our BE FAB experts, where you will learn how to:

  • Relate, move, and dress with more authenticity and style
  • Understand your impact and how to do more of what works
  • Discover your greatest strengths and how to play to them
  • Conquer the one thing that stops you living out your full potential
  • Find greater joy, clarity, confidence, poise and peace
  • Make every day a fabulously stylish one

You will also have the opportunity to:

  • Enjoy gorgeous food throughout the day, including a fabulous lunch and tasty afternoon treats
  • Meet other FAB women, make new connections and perhaps even gain a new friend or two
  • Support Penny Brohn Cancer Care as we'll donate 10% of your ticket price to this fabulous charity
Come and join us for the TRUE YOU MASTERCLASS. An inspirational, informative and fun day in Bristol on Saturday, 16th May

Why not bring a friend or a group of friends and enjoy the day together? See below for a limited number of special VIP offers.

The FABULOUS workshops
The day is designed to be very practical with lots of time for personal application, group discussion and helpful input from the experts. Expect to come away with some great insights and lots of fresh ideas. 


Workshop 1 - Dress without stress:
Karen Lowe will look at how your clothes can impact your mood, confidence and self-esteem. She’ll be looking at how you can positively influence how others perceive and respond to you. She’ll also be sharing some of her top styling secrets that she uses with her personal clients.

Workshop 2 - Do less, be more:
Alex Bollag will explore with you the fundamental principals in the Alexander Technique. You’ll learn about how your body is made to move and how you can impact the quality of your life. She'll show you how easy it is to make constructive changes.

Workshop 3 - Love more, stress less:
Sarah Abell will help you to identify what drains your energy and creates the most stress in your relationships. In this practical session, she will look at some of the steps you can take to bring more joy, more authenticity and more peace into your life and relationships.

Workshop 4 - Love the way you look:
Karen will help you identify your body shape and dress in a way that flatters you. Bring one item of clothing that you haven’t worn for a while / have never worn / or put on and always take off so that she can demonstrate and advise why it’s not working. Hopefully then you won’t have to make the same mistake again and again.

You'll also discover how to use accessories to change the way you look and add those all important finishing touches that will help to make your look current and unique in a simple and effective way. You’ll also learn 'how to tie your scarf 10 different ways' so please bring a scarf with you. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, we’ll have plenty that you can play around with.

Workshop 5 - Let's get physical:
You will get to experience a ‘hands on’ Alexander Technique lesson with Alex and watch how other people respond to the work too. You'll be able to see how easy it is to make positive changes and you'll be amazed at how quickly you can make lasting changes in yourself.

Workshop 6 - Understanding your differences:
Sarah and her husband David will help you to identify some of your personality traits through an interactive exercise. Discover how your preferences can affect others in a team or your family and learn to understand and appreciate the different approaches of others.

Our FABULOUS timings:

09.30  Registration
10.00  Introduction
10.10  Workshop 1 + Workshop 2
11.40  Break
12.00  Workshop 3
12.45  Lunch
13.45  Workshop 4 + Workshop 5
15.40  Tea
16.10  Workshop 6
16.45  Q&A
17.30  Finish

Our BE FAB experts:

Karen Lowe is an award-winning Image Consultant and Personal Stylist. Her passion is helping women look and feel amazing as they discover their unique style. She is a regular contributor to local media and has helped women of all shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds gain confidence in the way they look by showing them how to dress stylishly and effortlessly. Karen will explain how you can look and feel fabulous and have heaps of fun in the process at


Alex Bollag has been involved in the cutting edge of movement education for over twenty years.  As a certified ITM Alexander Technique Teacher she works with people from all walks of life from professional performers and public speakers to athletes, knitters and office workers. She helps people remove the stress and strain from their everyday activities and increase their enjoyment, confidence, productivity and creativity. Alex will show you how you can create more ease in everything you do by explaining the surprising connection between how you think, how you move and the overall quality of your life. Find out more at

Sarah Abell has been writing, speaking and coaching on authentic relationships for over fifteen years. She was the Agony Aunt for the Daily Telegraph and is the author of Inside out - How to have authentic relationships with everyone in your life (Hodder 2011). A columnist for Psychologies magazine she has given two TEDx talks on authentic connections and founded as her passion is seeing people, live, love and lead authentically. Sarah will look at how valuing connection over protection is the key to building lasting love and deep friendships.


Our FABULOUS venue:

Kings Weston House,
Kings Weston Lane, Bristol, BS11 0UR
07794 262489


Your FABULOUS special offers:
Recommend a friend to the TRUE YOU MASTERCLASS and if they make a purchase, you will be entered into the prize draw to win a personal 1-to-1 session with each of our three BE FAB Experts (worth over £200). Make sure your friend mentions you in their sign-up form in order for you to be entered into the draw. You will receive one "entry" into the prize draw for each friend that has mentioned you in their sign-up form and there is no limit to the number of times that you can be recommended by different friends. Two friends can also mention each other, so they can both have a chance to win, but only one person can be recommended per True You Masterclass purchase. The winner will be notified at the Masterclass on May 16th.

Alternatively, why not bring your friends and enjoy a FAB day out together? Use these special VIP offers to treat a friend or share the discount between you. You will also be entered into the PRIZE draw to win yourself a one to one sessions with each of our BE FAB experts (worth over £200).


149 for a single ticket to the day which includes all teaching materials, meeting other FAB women, making new connections as well as very yummy food and drink.

Bronze VIP Ticket Deal

208 for 2 tickets (30% discount) to the day described above. You (the purchaser) will also get a signed copy of Sarah Abell's book 'Inside Out - How to have authentic relationships with everyone in your life'.

Silver VIP Ticket Deal

268 for 3 tickets (40% discount) to the day described above. You (the purchaser) will get a signed copy of Sarah Abell's book (as per the Bronze offer) and will ALSO receive an exclusive one-to-one session with one of our Be Fab experts.

Gold VIP Ticket Deal

298 for 4 tickets (50% discount) to the day described above. You (the purchaser) will get a signed copy of Sarah Abell's book (as per the Bronze offer) and will receive an exclusive one to one session with one of our Be Fab experts (as per the Silver offer) and WILL ALSO receive THREE MORE signed copies of Sarah Abell's book (so you and your friends can all have a copy each!)

Our FABULOUS charity:

We are delighted to again be supporting the amazing charity Penny Brohn Cancer Care by giving them 10% of our proceeds.

Every day 72 people in the Bristol area will be diagnosed with cancer.  Penny Brohn Cancer Care wants to be there for each and every one of them, every step of the way.

From their centre in Pill they help people to live well with the impact of cancer and improve their quality of life. For more information see

Our FABULOUS sponsors:

We are so grateful for the generosity of our wonderful sponsors who are helping to make this event possible and even more gorgeous than it would have been without them. Their generosity has allowed us to provide a gift bag that we will be giving away to every person attending the event.

Thank you to Truly Nourished for providing us with healthy, deliciously chocolatey things to eat with our afternoon refreshments.

With a passion for creating delicious food, they'll teach you to cook and eat for health and well-being; to nourish your whole self, your mind, body, and soul with food; for body and beauty they'll bring you recipes to delight the pallet and point you towards clean, fresh foods to feed the body and help bring happiness to the soul.

This is Truly Nourished.

Thank you to SHC Social Media for helping us to spread the word with a truly fabulous bespoke social media campaign.

SHC Social Media provides training, management & consultancy services for small to medium businesses.

All clients have a bespoke social media package designed to suit their needs.

Please contact them for a free consultation.